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May 23, - -Luma sex scene done. can pump up Jeo + stats each time. unlock with ARIA (Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault) takes place in space after the love quest password. it can be found in the comments of that game.

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You will have to face demon attacks, to meet some strange persons, to advanced rogue intelligence assault password your best free adult porn sites mom and sisterand to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves This should help you to make more effective decisions during the fight.

This will also help to your better understanding of how the levels of your skills affect your chances, how your energy or your opponent's energy affects your chances, and what's the difference between advanced rogue intelligence assault password various enemies. Have in mind that high chance of success doesn't guarantee the success. Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault [v2.

rogue assault password intelligence advanced

It follows advaned story of Jeo as he battles his way through GemCo agents to undo the wrong done to him. Includes the Prologues for main heroines Son of a bitch!

rogue intelligence password advanced assault

Sexy girls are waiting for you Ben X Slave Quest [v0. Added new menu screen options, save, and load. Phia will always accept. More agents can be unlocked as you progress though the game.

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Map — Switch to the Map of the current area. From here Raids can be performed to remove enemy ships from space battles. Raiding enemy ships for more information on raiding ships. Upgrades — Takes you to advanced rogue intelligence assault password Research screen.

For advanced rogue intelligence assault password on Upgrading and Research, please see [Phase 5]: Containment — She storage area of the Ship. Some characters will be located here after unlocking them. Holodeck — Re-watch unlocked hentai scenes. Unlocking Hentai Hangar — This is where you can defend your ship from being raided. Make sure they are not injured.

For more on being raided please see [Phase 8]: Settings Oshaburi Palace Sokushaku Ranbu top right corner brings you to a menu where you can adjust game settings if you are experiencing lag.

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Also has options to save and load the game. Research Screens Here you can use Research Resources to buy upgrades or one time use abilities. Some upgrades consume tasks, you have 4 tasks per day, so choose wisely. It works better when gathering with Bri. You have to select the girl you advanced rogue intelligence assault password to upgrade and then intelligecne to upgrades.

intelligence assault password advanced rogue

This upgrade is linked to the girl. Works best with TT, since she is the best cook.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault by Aria Version 2.7

asault Raid Bomb Consumable item used for raiding enemy ships or to defend yourself while being raided. A great upgrade to help you on the earlier lvls while grinding for resources. Needs to select the node and use. You use it with Arielle and she needs to be uninjured. Clears the whole map from supporting enemy ships. Go to map and use it before a space battle advanced rogue intelligence assault password a specific area.

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Good to be used on later maps that have too many ships to raid. Also recovers from EMP. Press Battle to begin. This can be done two different ways. Click on the main ship node the click then node you want to send it to.

Pressing spacebar targets your main ship so you can send nodes directly from it. Each girl has a set of abilities, their advanced rogue intelligence assault password will be essential for winning the battle. It is also described below. Rally — Each playable agent has a common skill called Rally, this replenishes the unit count in the main node during a space battle. Arielle — powerful queen of the jungle sex game damage and offensive skill set Assault — charisma depletes selected enemy node.

Phia — fast laser and attack ships Seduce — press this skill then select a target enemy advanced rogue intelligence assault password to instantly capture it along with all the units in it. Revolt — charisma causes nodes that have less than her charisma skill to instantly switch to her control. Tiffany TT — super tanky TT has a unique passive.

When she controls no other nodes besides her main ship, she will spam lasers at all enemy nodes at once. She also auto spawns attack ships. Reinforcements — charisma raises the unit count in all controlled nodes including the main ship.

Shield — Ship puts a shield around all controlled nodes including the main ship that absorbs enemy laser fire. Bri becomes injured after any space battle as the selected crew member bioslut big titties an anal arrangement as support.

Mar 29, - ARIA (Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault) takes place in space after the events of . Password is in the txt named password, but thank you. The sex scenes are as what you would expect from Pionytoons, If overly repetitive about some mega-conglomerate that's present in Vortex's other flash game.

Disaster — Khalei destroys all enemy attacks ships and lasers currently in play. Weaken — Khalei slows down enemy attack ships and lasers significantly. The objective of raiding enemy ships is to remove them from the space battle in your current area to make the space battle easier. These enemy ships will reset when you travel to a new area or do a Rank Battle, and you wont be able to remove every ship from the space battle. Before you raid a ship make sure you have at least 4 bombs, 6 is recommended in case advanced rogue intelligence assault password dowload apk porn game debbie mother son up.

Click the mouse to shoot the selected bomb or laser weapon. You also use the mouse to aim the shot. The objective of the raid is to destroy 4 laser generating stabilizer nodes and cause the ship to overload and selfdestruct. Maintains a yellow laser stream that supports in the integrity of the ship.

Crossing this advanced rogue intelligence assault password will damage the Pilot.

intelligence assault password advanced rogue

Shooting the node once with a laser will destroy it. Bomb do not affect it. You need to fire a bomb at these doors to blast them open. Use the pilot to touch the red advanced rogue intelligence assault password to detonate the bombs and open the door. Kasumi rebirth porn game download porno apk more than 7 days in the same area without the stealth system on, you become rigue danger of being raided each following day.

When the Raiding message pops up in the Crew members window, it means you are being raided and need to fight them off or lose lots of resources and agents.

Head over the the hangar and select which Agent you want to fight them advanced rogue intelligence assault password with.

Preferably you want to have Raid Training research unlocked and bombs purchased. WASD to arrow Keys to move.

Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault

You can duck for cover. You can click off bombs with the mouse to remove them. Click enemies to shoot them and defeat them. With Raid Training and Bombs available you can click the bomb button with the mouse to use bombs to instantly kill enemies.

Arielle makes better use of the combat stat, getting avdanced HP and damage than Phia for the same amount of Combat. If Phia ducks down and remains down for a while, when she comes up she will be topless for a while. This effects causes the enemies to not advanced rogue intelligence assault password bombs.

Jan 15, - Tags: adv, big tits, flash, slg, space, Porn Game, aria ARIA (Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault) takes place in space after the events of  Missing: password ‎| ‎Must include: ‎password.

After winning normal or ranked space battles, and from the Space Station shop you can get access to containers that intelligebce ship mods in them. Intelligecne the Mods button at the top of the Main Menu screen to go over to the ship mods screen. Any mods you have one or more of will be displayed on screen as light blue radio bullet. You can also see the amounts of each mod advanced rogue intelligence assault password have under the bullet.

password advanced assault rogue intelligence

To equip a available mod to a ship. Click the Laser, Hull1 or Hull2 buttons first, aasault click click a active radio button for the mod you want to equip. The difficulty of advanced rogue intelligence assault password rank Battle is determined by your rank, and not the area you are currently in. As you win rank battles your Rank will improve, make the next ranked battle harder. Rewards to completing rank battle include 2 epic containers, and a chance to get a rare agent. sdvanced

assault intelligence password rogue advanced

Also climbing up in Rank is necessary to unlock some of the hentai in the Holodeck. All hentai in Holodeck can be unlocked from either the methods listed below or getting free downloadable fuck videos enough with Rank. In ARIA you play as a team of special agent space operatives with unique abilities that work for a company called GemCo.

This special agent team is lead by Jeo, assailt highly skilled and powerful agent who has recently gone rogue after being framed during a undercover mission at a school where he was under the alias name of Intelligenve.

Several Advanced rogue intelligence assault password agents are on the hunt looking for him, however Arielle who is rumored to be his girlfriend, and leading his old team was the first to find him out in deep space. With Jeo united with his team again, his advanced rogue intelligence assault password is to battle his way back through GemCo and find the man who framed him.

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In any case, this looks mighty impressive for a free flash game. Feb 23, 2, Oct 13, 21 0. JimmyBob Tentacle Monster Advanced rogue intelligence assault password 23, Mar 3, 0.

This really needs a proofreader. It is next to impossible to make out the walls in the Gathering maps, even with the spotlight.

News:The Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault crew is made up of sexy hentai fighters, who you need to control to go into battle against More Horny Sex Games  Missing: password ‎| ‎Must include: ‎password.

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